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This historic park is one of the few documented sites of actual trail and campsites used during the forced removal of the Cherokee people to "Indian Territory". It was used as an encampment in 1838 and 1839. This park is the burial site for two Cherokee Chiefs who died during the removal - Fly Smith and Whitepath. This long, cruel relocation has become known as the "Trail Of Tears" and by Native Americans as "The Trail Where They Cried".

Every year on the first full weekend after Labor Day, the Trail Of Tears Commission sponsors an intertribal PowWow at the park. A PowWow is a gathering of Native American people to celebrate their rich heritage; to socialize with old friends and make new ones and an opportunity to expose non-indians to the centuries old tradition of the various dances and Native American crafts; and to educate the PowWow visitors with story telling and Indian lore demonstrations Children also enjoy visiting our PowWow.

Park and Event Information:

National Native American Heritage Month

November is National Native American Heritage Month and the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park is doing its part in celebrating the month. The Heritage Center will celebrate the month each Saturday in November with “Granny Tell Me a Story” for the children to hear fables told by Kristina Scott the center’s tour guide. These are stories Ethel Adkins, former tour guide and Kristina’s mother, told her grandchildren as they were growing up. Kristina will be dressed in a Native American Tear Dress, much like a grandmother would wear back in the 1800’s. Saturday stories will start at noon.

These lunchtime stories will be held in the cabin and are free as part of the Nation’s Native American Heritage Month, “Guiding Our Destiny with Heritage and Traditions”. The Heritage Center’s Log Cabin, at the Trail of Tears Commemorative Park, houses artifacts from the Cherokee’s as well as other tribes. The cabin is observing winter hours Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Kristina urges the public to bring a sack lunch at noon and visit the cabin at the park to hear her stories.

Heritage Center


October 30th and 31st - Closed

November Saturdays 10AM - 2PM - Open

December through March - Closed

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